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Feel Good "Photo Spa" package


This February, in time for Valentine’s Day, we are presenting a brand new Feel Good photo package. It is a day spa and yoga retreat type photography experience, where you hire a photographer for an hour or a full day, or any other number of hours you’d like, and have candid reportage of your day and your portraits, outfits, funny faces, meeting with friends etc. Feel like a movie star in the center of attention, see how you look in different outfits or simply lift your spirits up on a gloomy rainy day.



The photographer will be your best friend for the day or a silent paparazzi (with the only difference that only your best side will be shown) depending on your wishes. You can combine portrait, boudoir, beauty, couple session all in one day or even several hours. You can purchase it as a gift for your loved one, or treat yourself. The day can start at your home in your pajamas with coffee, or after you leave your favorite salon with a new haircut – you can decide the timeline, the start and the end, the location, the number of family members involved, and have fun!


Or you don't have to think of anything, just set the start and end times, and live your day the way you regularly do. The photographer will suggest best angles and outfits or simply snap beautiful candids away. 



The photos will be published only if you approve, so if you’d like to keep them confidential, that’s how they will remain.


The result will be a portfolio of digital images or a beautiful photo book about a very special day and time of your life, the day you are the youngest you will ever be, the day you love and appreciate yourself just as you are. Contact for details: ellena@ellenaphoto.com