Where do you work?

We choose the location together. It can be your home, office, a studio, your favorite park or a cafe, etc. It all depends on your wishes. Travel out of state can be arranged, at no extra cost to certain locations.

Where can I see the prices?

Contact me for a price list at ellena@ellenaphoto.com

I am camera-shy. Will you help with the poses and the look?

Absolutely! Trust me to make you look your best, relax and enjoy the ride. :)

Sure, we can have a meeting in person or via Skype to help you decide if you are comfortable working with me, and to discuss the details of your perfect photo session.

Can we meet up before the photo session?

Photos are produced within 2-3 weeks (portraits and families) and 3-4 weeks (weddings).

When will I receive the photos?

I can offer you budget-friendly options or work pro bono if I am inspired by your project and my schedule allows it. I also have a referral program, where you get 50% off your session after you refer 3 clients. Don't hesitate to contact me for details.

I love your works, but I can't afford you. 

Yes, you can purchase a photo session for someone else as a gift card in a cute little box. You can leave the date of a gift photo session open, so that your recipient can select it with me later.

Do you offer gift cards?

Have additional questions? I'll be more than happy to answer them: ellena@ellenaphoto.com