It was truly a great pleasure as well as a valuable experience to pose for Ellena during our brief photo shoot in November 2017! This cheerful, smiling lady spared no efforts and no encouraging words so that to make me feel confident on camera. I loved to have fun and chat of various things with her while we were learning the best ways to capture my body language. What I have in the end is a bunch of amazing photos and warm memories. Highly recommend Ellena for anyone who’d like to discover a new side of their personal appearance and get a Hollywood style portrait.
— Andrei Sidelnikov, teacher
Elena is a professional and worked up to the standard of Politiken, a leading Danish national newspaper with several award winning photographers as staff members.
She is an intelligent and pleasant young woman who will bring her own ideas of how to solve a journalistic challenge. She was also shooting photos in the streets of Moscow despite temperatures below minus 20 C.
I can highly recommend her as a photographer.
— Henrik Kaufholz, editor
One of the most talented photographers I know! She knows exactly how to capture the perfect moment, and makes you feel at complete ease so you can let your best self shine! Very high quality and serious work. In addition and as a bonus - Elena is very sweet and kind, it is always a pleasure interacting with her. She is very devoted to details.
— Julie Prinet, engineer
This was an incredible experience. While I’m usually awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera, Ellena made it painless and fun!! I love the way she captured a natural look on my face. She gave us the most amazing “blizzard” photos. Not too many people would be willing to work in the FREEZING cold, but she did!! The photos she gave us are priceless. They are special and unique!!
— Jessica Octernaud, fashion blogger
We really enjoyed working with Elena - she is very open to different ideas and lets the session unfold naturally, which is great if you have kids! She takes fantastic pictures, very high quality. We definitely plan on working with her again in the future!
— Stacey C.
One of my favorite photographers to work with and absolutely will be working with in the future. She has a good eye and is super easy to talk to so it makes me super comfortable while shooting with her!
— Keke Reed, model and vlogger
She is someone who takes the time and thought to dig deeper for portraits that show not only who I am, but also who I could be. If it’s an important occasion, or I want a special photo to show the world, she is the photographer I absolutely want!
— Ayano Hodouchi, journalist
Elena was a treat to work with. She made me feel so at ease in front of the camera. The pictures turned out so beautifully crystal clear. Looking forward to working together with her again.
— Brooklyn Nicole, teacher
I recently realized I don’t have that many photos of myself - because not much can beat the ones Ellena took, which are still on book covers. They are the best.
— Anna Arutunyan, writer
Super talented and a joy to work with. Elena makes everyone feel at ease and her photos sure show it.
— Kevin Dempsey, teacher
Great person great photographer! Very easy to work with. I am definitely a fan of her work. She does really great black and white photos.
— Ninjin Bilegsaikhan, economist
Ellena is the one person who has captured my essence on film. How I feel, how I see the world, how I want to be seen.
— Abneris Rodriguez, microbiologist
I had great time working with Ellena! Both the shooting and editing parts were done with high professionalism.
— Mikhail Yurochkin, statistician
These are beautiful! So many great moments captured! I LOVE all the ones of E. and her silly faces! And the ones of my nieces!
So excited to go thru all these again!
— Ali S., photographer
Ellena did an excellent job taking pictures of my two year old! Every picture turned out great!
— Tara S.
Her photography isn’t just pictures. It tells a story about the subject and makes you want to engage
— Jason S. Smith, broadcaster
My photo shoot with Elena was great. She made it fun and not exhausting. She is very talented. Her ability to capture beauty in people is amazing!
— Klaudia Rozner
Elena is a master at her craft with utmost professionalism and creativity!
— Derrik Welsbacher, movie crew member
Elena makes a photo shoot fun and relaxing...and it shows!
— Dayatra West, psychologist
A great photographer, with a good eye for light and moment.
— Eduardo Caim, software engineer
Ellen has a clean and perfect style. An ability to capture crystal pure moments and bring the energy of the subject forward.
... and as a viewer of her great work they produce fantastic memories that carry on within your own soul!
— Russ Smith, photographer